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Engage, Discover, Share

The curriculum at Sherwood Charter School combines challenging core academics with practical activities that engage students in real world learning.

Step into the garden, a pioneer wagon or a forest. Our classrooms are transformed into whatever is being studied. Leading the way are top-notch teachers who can be seen “in-character”, as Einstein or Meriwether Lewis or William Clark. Well-planned and organized, our teachers take the time to build in creativity to engage students in a rich learning process. We share all of this with our community of amazing parents through frequent learning celebrations.

2018-2019 Curriculum Maps

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
Humanities – 6th Grade
Humanities – 7th Grade
Humanities – 8th Grade
Math – 6th Grade
Math – 7th Grade
Math – 8th Grade
Science – 6th Grade
Science – 7th Grade
Science – 8th Grade

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