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Building a Love for Learning

Our academic programs cultivate a strong love of learning and the ability to apply knowledge in a meaningful way. Class sizes are kept at an ideal level for fostering a personal level of interaction between students and teachers. Our curriculum is creative and rigorous at the same time.

An integrated thematic instruction program, piloted with resounding success, is now being incorporated in all grades levels. Teachers use a year-long theme to organize curriculum content and skills development tuned to the standards above. We continue to pursue innovative approaches to learning to ensure that the mission and vision of Sherwood Charter School remain vibrant.

Core Knowledge is utilized through all grades to provide students with strong cultural literacy and to improve reading comprehension. At the primary school level, the Rigg’s Institute curriculum is used to advance writing and spelling skills as a critical component of literacy. My Math, written to meet Common Core State Standards, is used in K-5 classrooms.

SCS launched a middle school Leadership Academy at the start of the 2013-2014 school year, providing a unique experience for middle school students focused on integrated curriculum and character development.

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