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Sherwood Charter School has integrated technology in the classroom and the curriculum to help our teachers create engagement and help our students master the tools and information resources they’ll be using all their lives.

Teaching and Classrooms Equipped with the Best Tech Tools for Teaching

Our teachers have laptops and Smart display boards to present topics in the classroom and get students involved. Software and web resources aligned with curriculum and lesson plans are used to keep subjects interesting and help teachers track individual students progress toward comprehension targets.

Tablets and Netbooks Aid in K-5 Classes

Tablet computers provide a great way for younger students to begin interacting with technology, and our teachers award students with time to explore learning based tools and games focused on math, spelling and reading. Students use netbooks for testing as well as for internet-based research.

Laptops in the Middle School Leadership Academy

We have laptops for each of our middle school students, giving them the latest office software and internet resources for researching and completing school projects. Students that show responsible use and treatment of their laptop can earn a technolopgy bead, allowing them to take their laptop home with them.

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