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Kelsey Connolly

Kelsey Connolly, Kindergarten

Kindergarten Teacher, foodie and avid writer
Kindergarten is my favorite grade to teach because I love watching my students grow into life-long learners! I have spent the last decade devoted to teaching and encouraging our youngest generation. My greatest priority at SCS is creating a second home for our Kindergarteners; a place where they feel comfortable to take risks, build friendships, and follow their curiosities. I am eager to get to know your child, and together we will encourage their questions and celebrate their discoveries! In my downtime, I love reading to my baby girl, Evelyn, going paddle boarding with my husband, and visiting the Oregon Coast all year around.

Mrs. Connolly’s Class Website
Email: kconnolly@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Marissa Bradley

Marissa Bradley, 1st Grade

First Grade Teacher, explorer, lover of the outdoors, and football fanatic
Joining SCS as a first grade teacher is a dream come true! I have a passion for watching young learners challenge themselves and grow in their learning, and I am eager to work together with you to help your child flourish. In my class, your child will be encouraged to be themselves, take risks, and have fun! I am so excited to see all of the growth we will make together in first grade! In my downtime, I love to explore all that Oregon has to offer; whether it be the city, the coast, or the mountains!

Miss. Bradley’s Class Website
Email: mbradley@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Zobrist, Jan

Jan Zobrist, 2nd Grade

Second Grade teacher, wife, mother and grandmother
My passion is teaching, nurturing and caring for our next generation. I love answering their questions and supporting their growth. My family fills me with wonder and happiness every time we are together. My husband and two amazing dogs and one hamster keep me active and adventurous. When not in school I love to garden, read, camp and chase after my dogs! Fluffy (the hamster) loves to chase the dogs in her hamster ball! I look forward to every new year!

Mrs. Zobrist’s class website
Email: jzobrist@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Anna De Salvo Murphy

Anna De Salvo Murphy, 3rd Grade

Third Grade teacher, Football/dog mom, coffee lover and 80’s movie watcher
I feel like I have found my teaching home at SCS! I have spent the last eight years teaching in and launching a variety of educational programs. My teaching philosophy is all about student-centered learning and growing from our mistakes. I am thrilled to be teaching at SCS because of the commitment to developing life-long learners. Third grade is a wonderful year where we learn to work hard, have fun and develop a strong community. I can’t wait to meet and get to know the unique individuals entering our classroom this year. In my downtime, I enjoy drinking coffee and spending time with my husband, daughter, cat and dog.

Ms. De Salvo Murphy’s class website
Email: admurphy@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Ashley Murray

Ashley Murray, 4th Grade

Fourth grade teacher, bibliophile, board game enthusiast, and cat mom
Joining SCS is my lifelong dream come true! I fell in love with fourth grade when I was student teaching at Portland State. The Oregon Trail is a passion of mine, and I even went on a road trip the summer after I got my Master’s degree to see some of the Oregon Trail sites. I can’t wait to share pictures of actual wagon ruts with students, and in turn, learn what their passions are. In all subjects, I am a firm believer in hands on learning and teaching for the real world. I want children to find enjoyment in school and take what they learn out into the rest of the world. Finally, in my free time, I enjoy camping, reading, and playing board games. In fact, I recently achieved another of my life long dreams and now have a dedicated library in my home.

Miss. Murray’s class website
Email: amurray@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Natalie Pepper

Natalie Pepper, 5th Grade

Fifth grade teacher, puzzle lover, decades enthusiast and appreciator of jokes
Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about teaching fifth grade! I grew up in Lake Oswego and went to the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS) for my undergrad and Lewis and Clark College for my masters program. I have many passions, but my main interest has always been mentoring in any aspect, if it’s teaching, coaching, or tutoring. As you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m driven, organized, dedicated, kind, but always enjoy a good laugh and having fun with my students. Kids need a good role model in their life, so I try my best to be a solid example and develop a strong rapport with each and every one of them.

Ms. Pepper’s class website
Email: npepper@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Peterka, Shannon

Shannon Peterka, Science

Middle school science teacher, cat lover, avid reader and globetrotter
I have a passion for curriculum and teaching. My philosophy is integrated and hands-on, which I feel aligns very well with a Science classroom. This is my 17th year in education and my sixth year as an SCS science teacher. The school provides a wonderful environment that fosters creativity and innovation in learning. Students are able to grow and become life-long learners. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to teach!

Ms. Peterka’s class website
Email: speterka@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Epifano, Lauren

Lauren Epifano, Art

Art Teacher, Artist, Designer and animal lover
I believe the art classroom is a place where students learn to think creatively, problem solve, express themselves and make connections to the world around them. My classroom is a place where wonder and inquiry are appreciated and that students feel safe to explore and take risks. Being able to nurture a student’s creative abilities and expose them to the world of art is extremely rewarding and it makes being an art teacher the best job in the world. When I’m not teaching you’ll find me enjoying time with my husband and kids, painting, taking photos or working on an interior design project.

Mrs. Epifano’s class website
Email: lepifano@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Boedigheimer, Katie

Katie Boedigheimer, Math

Middle School Math Teacher, extreme dog lover, muscle car enthusiast and Duke basketball fan
Teaching at SCS has been my dream come true. This will be my fifth year, and I love teaching middle school. (They make me laugh everyday!) I enjoy sharing my passion of math and have high expectations for my kids. I will also be their biggest cheerleader at school. My students are a team, we are a family, and strive to do and be our best daily. In my down time, I spend most of it with my husband, Wesley, and our three loveable dogs, Duke, Kimber, & Hadley. I am a huge college basketball fan (Go Duke Blue Devils) and love being at home with family and friends.

Mrs. Boedigheimer’s class website
Email: kboedigheimer@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Richard, Sarah

Sarah Richard, Humanities

Middle School Humanities Teacher, ladybug lover, Seahawks and Steelers fanatic!
I am very excited to be on the team at SCS! This will be my 6th year as an educator and I truly love working with middle school students. They have a wonderful energy that makes ever day exciting! Social Studies was my favorite part of school and I enjoy integrating it with Language Arts as the Humanities model provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world. I love to read the amazing pieces my students write and to see them grow as writers is a real privilege. When I am not at school, you will probably find me chasing after my two young daughters and our puppy. Spending time with my husband and children is my favorite activity. I am looking forward to a great year at SCS!

Mrs. Richard’s class website
Email: srichard@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Stuckey, Nora

Nora Stuckey, Physical Education and Health

PE/Health Teacher, Wife, Mom of two boys, Friend
I am passionate about teaching physical education and health. My goal is for every child here at Sherwood Charter School to develop an appreciation for physical activity and continue to be active for a lifetime. This is my 19th year in education and my 11th year teaching at SCS. Both the kiddo’s and their families make SCS a great place to teach. When I am not at school you will find me spending time with family and friends.

Mrs. Stuckey’s class website
Email: nstuckey@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Amanda DuPriest

Amanda DuPriest, Music

Music Teacher, Choir geek, band nerd, and Star Wars fanatic
My passion as a musician stems from my near-constant involvement in choirs and wind ensembles since childhood, and I have dreamed of becoming a music teacher since my first experience conducting a choir during high school. I moved from Texas to Portland in 2012 to pursue my masters at Portland State, and I loved it so much up here that I decided to stay! It is my goal to provide a safe, nurturing, healthy, and inspirational environment where children can grow as young musicians, and I love inspiring my students to learn more about classical music by tying it to the music they currently have in their lives, whether that is a film score, a song on the radio, or song loops from their favorite video game. While I’m not teaching, you can find me singing in local choirs, banging on large percussion instruments, cross-stitching, or hanging out with my friends, sister, and fiancée. Let’s go, SCS!

Ms. DuPriest’s class website
Email: adupriest@sherwoodcharterschool.org

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