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Joy Raboli

Joy Raboli, Principal

Mom, curriculum lover and an Oregon Duck fan
Joy has always known she wanted to be a teacher. At age 8, she would round up the neighbor kids and teach school.  At age 18, Joy spent her summers with trainers in gifted education helping them with teacher trainings.  Joy was thrilled to land her first teaching job teaching 6th grade in Redmond, Washington. It really was a dream come true. After teaching 5th and 6th grade for a while, Joy was selected to be an Associate for Susan Kovalik and Associates. Joy became a curriculum expert in the biology of learning and trained 9,000 teachers in 30 states.  She became a national keynote speaker on creating meaningful curriculum, brain-biology for teachers and classroom management. Joy went on to create four award-winning educational videos for teachers and presented 25 week-long model teaching weeks. Joy trained entire counties such as Horry County, South Carolina, and the entire island of Nantucket. Joy spent two weeks in New Zealand and toured schools that pioneered new literacy models.

Life on the road was an incredible adventure, but Joy missed the classroom and wanted to start a family.  She returned to the classroom and taught for Greater Albany Public Schools and Salem–Keizer School Districts. Becoming a mom of two girls fulfilled her dream of motherhood. Joy then went to the University of Oregon to earn her administrative credential. During that time, she created the H.E.A.R.T skills, which is a character development program and book for teachers to use school-wide. After serving as principal of Abiqua School for six years, she is now principal of Sherwood Charter School.

Joy’s vision of creating a gifted education for every child has been her mission.  She lives by seven guiding principles that she created, and they still remain her north star in creating outstanding learning environments for staff and students. Read Ms. Raboli’s seven guiding principles used at SCS to create an outstanding learning environment.

Email: jraboli@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Havlinek, Angela

Angela Havlinek, Office Manager

Mother, gardener, baker and fifth generation native Oregonian

Angela joined Sherwood Charter School in 2014 and is excited about helping in the office. She is enjoying getting to know the students and meeting all the parents.

Email: office@sherwoodcharterschool.org

McLeod, Cheryl

Cheryl McLeod, Administrative Specialist

Cheryl joined Sherwood Charter School in 2016.

Email: office@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Hainley, Maddy

Maddy Hainley, School Counselor

Email: mhainley@sherwoodcharterschool.org

Scissons, Anne

Annie Scissons, Educational Assistant

Mom of girls, gardener and happy camper

Annie supervises lunch and recess each day at SCS. Annie’s kindness and fairness are legendary at recess. Our students love to be with her and look forward to seeing Annie each day on the playground.

Toole, Ashlen

Ashlen Toole, Educational Assistant

Literacy assistant, reader, betta whisperer.

As a student working on my undergraduate teaching degree, I found myself disenchanted. There were so many students slipping through the cracks and becoming increasingly frustrated. Many of them genuinely loathed reading. I wanted to help these students discover, or in some cases rediscover, their love of digging into a good book. That is why I am thrilled to be here at SCS. To help their readers grow! For me, the coolest thing ever is to watch a student go from telling me how much they dread reading when we first meet in September, to making summer reading suggestions to me in June. That’s so awesome! Whether they are established readers in need of a challenge, or finding reading itself a challenge, I strive to create an individualized, rigorous, and fun atmosphere as we build up their skills and confidence as a team. When I am not helping students with their reading, I can often be found digging into various scholarly journals, looking for seashells at the beach with my husband, taking care of the vast amount of betta fish that I seem to have somehow inherited (three of them are SCS kindergarten class grads from previous years), or training my horse – a previously wild mustang from central Oregon.

Email: atoole@sherwoodcharterschool.org

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