Ms. Raboli's Seven Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principle 1:
Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Guiding Principle 2:
Every decision we make has the best interest of children at heart.

Guiding Principle 3:
“Good Enough” is the enemy of great.  Commitment to excellence is a constant and never ending process.  Greatness is a matter of conscious choice.

Guiding Principle 4:
Building inclusion, influence, and community leads to high achievement for staff and students.

Guiding Principle 5:
Proactive planning leads to a quality result.

Guiding Principle 6:
The right people in the right job are self-motivated.

Guiding Principle 7:
Creating a culture wherein people have tremendous opportunity to be heard and ultimately, for the truth to be heard, allows the right decisions to be self evident.
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