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Welcome to Sherwood Charter School! Below you will find information and resources to answer many of your questions you may have, please check it out! If you still have questions, please contact the office at office@sherwoodcharterschool.org.

2018-2019 Back to School Information

Back to school information for the 2018-2019 school year can be found in the Back to School Newsletter, available here.

School Calendar and Events

A school events calendar is available online here: SCS School Events Calendar. Please continue to check this throughout the year as updates are made frequently. An academic calendar (with holiday closures, staff development days, etc.) is available to download here: SCS Academic Calendar.

Here’s a brief overview of yearly events held at SCS:
Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, other events may take place during the year and dates may change. Please check the online calendar for the most current information.

  • Meet and Greet – Early September
  • Back to School Night – Mid September
  • Middle School Science Fair – January (Held every 2 years, the next one will take place in January 2019)
  • Winter Lottery – January (For kindergarten only)
  • HEART Week – Week of Valentine’s Day
  • Spring Lottery – Mid March (for all grades)
  • Celebration of Learning – Mid April
  • State Testing – Throughout April and May
  • 8th Grade Graduation – June
  • Kindergarten Graduation – Last day of school in June
  • 5th Grade Graduation – Last day of school in June
  • Stepping Stones – Last day of school in June
  • Summer Lottery – Mid June (for all grades)

Supply Lists

The 2018-2019 supply lists are available below:

Student and Parent Handbook

The Student and Parent Handbook is available to download here: SCS Handbook. Reading this handbook is part of the yearly registration process, please be sure to review with your students every year.

SCS Uniform Policy

SCS has a uniform policy, which can be downloaded here: Uniform Policy.

SCS Policies

All school policies are available online here: SCS Policies. There is also a printed copy available in the school office.

Navigating Car line

Car line can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be! See the car line instructions and map here, which should answer all the questions you have. Keep in mind that our number one priority is keeping our students safe and you contribute to that by obeying all car line rules. Please remember, especially during the first couple weeks of school, to have patience during car line.

Morning car line drop off:

  • Car line will start as early as 7:40 am for you to drop off your student. There is no supervision prior to 7:40 am, so please do not drop of your child before then.
  • Students will leave the sanctuary as a class with their teachers at 7:55am. Students must be seated in sanctuary no later than 7:55 am. Any student arriving after this must check in at the school office.

Afternoon car line pick up:

  • You can begin entering car line no earlier than 3:21pm. All students need to be picked up by 3:45 pm.
  • CAR LINE NUMBERS MUST VISIBLE IN ALL VEHICLES (displayed either on the dash or a sticker on the windshield)
  • Students biking, walking, etc. from campus MUST check out with the designated staff under the outside cover, just outside of the building front doors.

Synergy ParentVue

Synergy is our school student attendance and grade program. Parents are able to view their students’ progress online by logging on to their ParentVue account. If you’re new to Sherwood Charter School, or don’t know if you have an account set up, please email the office for an activation key and instructions.

To login to your ParentVue account, go to https://parent-sherwood.cascadetech.org/sherwood/Login_Parent_PXP.aspx.

Emergency Closures and Announcements

We want to encourage all parents to sign up on www.flashalert.net to receive email, text message, or alert notification of school emergency closures. For inclement weather, we follow Sherwood School District decisions. For directions on how to sign up, please see the link below:

FlashAlert Instructions

Lunch Forms

Lunch forms for the programs run by the PAC are available in the Thursday emails, on the school Facebook page, and in the office.

Enrollment and Lottery Process

Many families have questions about how enrollment and the lottery works at SCS, whether they have new students, siblings of current students, or returning students. Below is a summary of how enrollment works and some key dates to remember:

  • November 1st – Open Enrollment: Enrollment opens for new students for the next school year on November 1st. Pre-Applications are now accepted for the lottery and are available on the Enrollment Page.
  • January – Winter Lottery: Held for kindergarten only. If you have a child who will be in kindergarten for the next school year, your Pre-Application must be received by the first Friday of January by noon to be included in the Winter Lottery.
  • March – Spring Lottery: Held for all grades. If you have a child going into kindergarten through 8th grade, your Pre-Application must be received by the first Friday of March by noon to be included in the lottery.
  • June – Summer Lottery: Held for all grades. Classes are generally full at this point, this lottery usually is for students to be added to the wait list.

For current students who are returning for the following school year: Current students are automatically enrolled in the following school year – there is not a lottery process or Pre-Application to complete for this to happen. The only form needed is the yearly Registration Form that is distributed by the office in late April/early May.

For prospective sibling students of currently enrolled students: If you have a current SCS student and have a sibling you would like to enroll for the next school year, you must fill out a Pre-Application form for the sibling to be included in the lottery for that grade. Current SCS families are encouraged to submit their Pre-Applications for siblings in either the Winter (if kindergarten) or Spring lotteries (all other grades) for the best chance of enrollment as siblings have priority in the lottery process.

See the Enrollment Page on our website for more detailed information.


For the 2018-2019 school year, the School Board & PAC agreed to create the new OneFund. The OneFund combines the previous PEF and Kids First contributions into a single amount of $500/student annually, and your tax-deductible contribution can now be made directly to the school. The OneFund will provide funding for budgeted items and hands-on learning experiences not covered through the 80% state funding our charter school currently receives. While not required for enrollment, these funds are necessary and essential in providing the learning environment that makes our school unique.

Middle School Students

Elective information: Middle school students at SCS have 2 elective periods each trimester. If you have a middle school student, please note that elective information will come directly from the Leadership Academy team. Any questions about this should be directed to the Leadership Academy team.

Houses: All middle school students are assigned to one of 5 houses: Hawks, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Bears, or Bobcats. Each house consists of 6th, 7th and 8th graders who meet once a day to work on projects such as team building, community service, and problem solving as well as participating in team competitions. At the end of each school year, current 5th grade students are sorted into their middle school house. New students are sorted before the beginning of the upcoming school year.

Staying Connected

We encourage all families to stay up to date on everything that is happening at SCS. Most information is communicated by a weekly Thursday Email sent from the office. Please be sure to keep an eye out for this each week while school is in session. If you are not receiving this information, please contact the office to be added to our list.

Get Involved

We appreciate every one of our volunteers. The enthusiasm our volunteers bring and the time they dedicate to make our school great is exceptional. If you haven’t volunteered before, but would like to in the future, you will need to complete the online criminal background check. Contact the office at office@sherwoodcharterschool.org to start this process.

Please note: a new background check must be completed every year and is necessary for any type of volunteering, including chaperoning field trips.

If you have items or supplies you would like to donate to the school, please email the office. We appreciate your support!

Check our Wish List page (coming soon!) for the most current volunteer opportunities and wish list items!


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group of volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to help make our school great! Please check out who they are and what they do on their website, http://sherwoodcharterschoolpac.blogspot.com/.

SCS Gear

SCS printed gear can be ordered directly from Land’s End, please see the instructions and link below on how to order:

Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

SCS’s Healthy and Safe Schools Plan is available here:Healthy and Safe Schools Plan.