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Each student at a public charter school receives only a percentage of the state education dollars received by non-charter school children. House Bill 2771 and House Bill 2772 will provide proper funding and access to Public Charter Schools in Oregon without increasing the current state education budget. We are asking for your help to ensure equitable funding for all public school children. Please take a moment to read these bills and contact the House Education Committee in support of HB 2771 and HB 2772.

Review the bills here:


We need the Chair of the Education Committee, Representative Margaret Doherty, to schedule HB 2771 and HB 2772 for a hearing and a work session. This will allow the public to testify and provide public comment on the importance of the bills. If the bills do not get a hearing and work session by the House Committee on Education, they will simply die.

The time is now! Please join the administrators, teachers, staff and parent from the other 126 Oregon Public Charter Schools in emailing the Oregon House Committee and ask that HB 2771 and HB 2772 be assigned a hearing and a work session. Please address the email to the members of the House Education Committee:

Chair | Representative Margaret Doherty | District 53: Tigard | Rep.MargaretDoherty@state.or.us
Vice-Chair | Representative Lew Frederick | District 43: Portland | Rep.LewFrederick@state.or.us
Vice-Chair | Representative Sherrie Sprenger | District 17: Scio | Rep.SherrieSprenger@state.or.us
Member | Representative Greg Barreto | District 58: Cove | Rep.gregbarreto@state.or.us
Member | Representative Jodi Hack | District 19: Salem | Rep.jodihack@state.or.us
Member | Representative Carla Piluso | District 50: Gresham | Rep.carlapiluso@state.or.us
Member | Representative Jeff Reardon | District 48: Happy Valley | Rep.JeffReardon@state.or.us

Here is a sample letter that you are free to copy and adjust to provide your support. Please sign and email to your representative today.

Dear Representative ______________,

Please support HB 2771 and HB 2772 which will provide equitable funding and access to public charter schools in Oregon without increasing the current State Education Budget.

The role of the State School Funding Formula is to ensure equitable funding for all public school children, though past legislation has undermined the purpose of the formula by creating inequitable support to public charter schools.

It is unjust that public dollars dedicated for funding public education and purposely balanced by the State School Funding Formula are then redistributed by ORS leaving some public school students with only 80% funding, some with 90%, others benefit from the original 100%. Districts sponsoring charters retain 20% of their charter school funds to redistribute among their non-charter school students, raising their percentage over 100%.

Please remember, charter schools were created by the State of Oregon to provide alternatives and choices in meeting the needs of ALL children in Oregon. The purpose was never to overly compensate sponsoring school districts and their students while reducing services to charter school students.

Please schedule a hearing and work session for both HB 2771 and HB 2772.


(Your Name)

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