Building a Love for Learning

Our academic programs cultivate a strong love of learning and the ability to apply knowledge in a meaningful way. Class sizes are kept at an ideal level for fostering a personal level of interaction between students and teachers. Our curriculum is creative and rigorous at the same time.

An integrated thematic instruction program is incorporated in all grades levels. Teachers use a year-long theme to organize curriculum content and skills development tuned to the standards below. We continue to pursue innovative approaches to learning to ensure that the mission and vision of Sherwood Charter School remain vibrant.

Along with our core curriculum, music and art classes use the themes being taught in the classroom to bring the curriculum to life. Integrated projects that align with the core standards ensure SCS students gain a 360 degree view of the subjects being taught.

Academic Excellence

Sherwood Charter School uses innovative, thematic studies that align with Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and Oregon State standards. We combine challenging core academics with practical activities that engage students in real world learning.

Step into the garden, a pioneer wagon or a forest. Our classrooms are transformed into whatever is being studied. Leading the way are top-notch teachers who take the time to build in creativity to engage students in a rich learning process. We share all of this with our community of amazing parents through frequent learning celebrations.

Current Curriculum:

  • Singapore Math (Elementary)
  • Lucy Calkins Method (primary grades; spelling, writing and literacy)
  • Core Focus Math (Middle School)
  • FOSS Next Generation (Science)
  • The Great Body Shop (Health)
  • Customized science curriculum based on Next Generation Science standards
  • Custom curricula for art, music, and physical education, which are mapped into themes for each grade

2020-2021 Curriculum Maps

Kindergarten          1st Grade            2nd Grade
3rd Grade               4th Grade           5th Grade
Humanities             Math                   Science
Art                          Music                  PE

Academic Achievement

Smarter Balanced Assessment results for Sherwood Charter School consistently show strong performance against school statewide.

*Average Standard Score data from the Oregon Department of Education’s website here.

Character and H.E.A.R.T.

Developing a love of learning is just as important as mastering skills and acquiring knowledge. Part of what makes learning accessible for students is that they feel emotionally safe and secure in their classroom. We intentionally create “class families” and teach inclusion of every student as part of the curriculum. Everyone belongs, we don’t do “cliques” and we rarely have to redirect students for behavior challenges. This environment doesn’t happen by accident. We have a heart for our students and it shows in our H.E.A.R.T. Skills program created by our Principal, Joy Raboli in 2003.

H.E.A.R.T is an acronym for the values that guide our conduct, choices and actions:


We believe in doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking. We keep our word to our self and others. We strive for self-awareness and to have the courage of our convictions. We work to recognize and protect the rights of others and wholeheartedly understand our connection as human beings.


We lead with empathy. We value being aware of and sensitive to the feelings, needs and experience of others. Appreciating someone else’s point of view starts with being able to really listen. We value the skill of active listening, especially when we are learning together. As a culture, we practice gratitude and seek to make things a little better than we found them.


We believe in a strong sense of responsibility to our school community, environment and the world around us. We consider the consequences of our actions, and we accept full responsibility for them. We make mistakes and learn from them to helps us set new goals. We believe in strong parent partnerships that support our students so that they can achieve their best. We set very high standards and our students leave our school as confident 8th graders ready to take on the world.


People are treated with dignity and respect here at Sherwood Charter School. You notice it in everything we do. We do manners here at SCS. We look out for each other and make sure each voice is heard. We know our own self-worth and we hold our school community in high regard.


We are preparing our students for the future, and that means being able to work as a team. We are committed to inclusiveness, cooperation, collaboration and healthy competition. We foster fair play and we peacefully solve conflicts. We share, come together and love helping our community.

These H.E.A.R.T. Skills are practiced every single day from our tiniest kinders to our tall middle school Leadership Academy students. We teach “keeping your word,” and looking out for your class family. When reading novels, we look to see how the H.E.A.R.T. Skills are being used. We notice our class family using honor, empathy, accountability, respect and teamwork because it is the Sherwood Charter School way.

Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy is unlike other typical middle schools. We work hard to create a culture of kindness where our students actively take part in community and learn to expect and appreciate intellectual curiosity. At SCS, we are a collaborative group. We join forces every day to make our lessons engaging and challenging. SCS students find joy in discovering new things, sharing learning with others and applying their knowledge to solve problems. Our approach to teaching and learning is one of innovation where we believe in:

  • Students actively engaging in creative, Hands-on learning
  • Intentional team-building to create an inclusive environment for everybody
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Respecting and encouraging students to truly be themselves

An essential part of the experience is the middle school “Houses,” where each middle school student is placed into one of the five groups: Hawks, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Bears, or Bobcats. Each house consists of 6th, 7th and 8th graders who meet once a day to work on projects such as team building, community service, and problem solving as well as participating in team competitions. These groups encourage communication, sharing and inclusion which contributes to SCS’s unique culture.

Field Trips

At SCS, our students have the advantage to learn through hands on and real world experiences. With our elementary grades taking at least 6 field trips per year, they have had the opportunity of learning about the Oregon government from the judge’s bench at the Oregon State Capital, habitats while exploring trails at the Tualatin Wildlife Refuge, music while experimenting with instruments at the Youth Music Project. In our leadership academy, our middle school scholars have had the opportunity of learning about math while experiencing a flight simulation at IFLY, science with sand under their feet with a trip to the Oregon Coast Hatfield Marine Science Center and history while digging for information at the OMSI Pompeii Exhibit.

See photos of these opportunities and more below: